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Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, and with a wide variety of needs.  They range from Western MNCs, SMEs, and NGOs to Chinese state-owned companies and startups.  Irion Enterprises works personally with each of our clients to ensure that their needs are met, and that they are successful.


  • Angelica Herbal Products

Provided a feasibility study for entering Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore

  • RongChina Engineering Consultant Group

Arranged a visit to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and New York City to scope out investments and attend conferences

  • Vegepolys China

Hosted the French agribusiness and helped them set up an office in Kunming

  • Yunnan Foreign Language School

Recruitment advisement and public speaking assistance

  • YingKe Law Firm

Cross-cultural advisement for conducting business outside of Yunnan Province

  • Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort

Wrote English materials to promote Foreign Direct Investment in Kunming

  • Oxnard College Center for International Trade Development (CITD)

Provided technical assistance for and led a trade delegation to China. The trip’s purpose was to develop trade relations between California and China.  Irion Enterprises was also contracted to lecture on Doing Business with China and Japan, as well as providing practical training and advice.

  • Japan Waste Research Foundation Mission

Provided an environmental seminar and presentation to the group, sponsored by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.

  • Buena Biosystems

Provided Japanese marketing consulting, including company literature revision, publication and translations, Japanese business cards, and general advice on Japanese business methods and engaging with Japanese culture.

  • Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Contracted to market the Global Business Opportunities Convention 2002 to prospective companies. We were successful in placing companies in this convention to sell products to Japan.

  • McMullen’s Japanese Antiques

Researched and analyzed the visibility and potential growth of the Kottoya Inc. web site, completing a detailed report covering its location, addresses, design, construction, and general functions.  Relocated the website to a new host, provided additional domain names and e-mail address, and optimized the site for search engine visibility.

  • Geo InSight International

Contracted by the Economic Development Collaborative of Ventura County to provide a specific and flexible Japanese business and language training program for Geo InSight International.

  • Terra Firma Products, Inc.

Provided translation and interpretation services for Terra Firma Products, Inc. while doing business with Japan Business Brain, Co. in the trade of earthquake fasteners.

  • Fairyhill Ceylon Tea
  • HHL•Helin and Edminster, Hinshaw, Russ and Associates, Inc. (EHRA)
  • The City of Kunming
  • Kunming Economic and Technology Development Zone
  • Kunming Mei Shi Media
  • Kunming Puer Tea Trade Fair 2008 and Puer City international marketing seminar 2007 in Yunnan Province
  • Intex Shanhai Co. Ltd.
  • Western Academy of Management


Other Clients Include:

  • Shanghai Small Enterprises Production Development Service Center
  • Cruise and Tour International
  • CCPIT Yunnan
  • Centre for Market & Trade Development Beijing
  • Shanghai Business Consultant Co. LTD

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