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Irion Enterprises is a consulting and market research firm headquartered in Kunming, China and California, USA. With a long history of successful deals, bringing profit to businesses in China, Japan, and the United States, we now specialize in connecting China’s Yunnan Province and the city of Kunming with the outside world.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding environmental awareness and energy conservation, and carry a strong sense of social responsibility throughout all of our endeavors.

With over 35 years of experience in China and Japan, our diverse team of Western and Chinese professionals has the know-how, cross-cultural understanding, and connections to get your job done right.

Please download our brochure (PDF) for more information in Chinese and English.

William Irion, Senior Consultant

Our Senior Consultant, William Irion, has extensive experience in international marketing and consulting. His background in cross-cultural communication and management of both Western and Chinese companies helps Irion Enterprises to accurately understand and work towards the intentions of our clients, whether they be Chinese, Japanese, or American. William Irion leads and coordinates consultants in successfully achieving the goals of clients in a wide variety of industries.

William Irion is a Chinese government-certified Foreign Expert, and is often cited in the mass media for his international marketing advice. He has served as the president of the Pacific Agribusiness Alliance, and has a passion for agriculture and the trade of agricultural goods (as demonstrated in Irion Enterprises’ work with Yunnan’s Puer Tea and locally-grown flowers). He has experience in urban planning, having served on the Santa Paula, California city planning commission for 8 years. He has also planned, designed, and launched international business-to-business websites. In addition, William Irion is the Asia consultant and expert for California’s Centers for International Trade Development (CITD).

Download William’s Resume for more information

Recent Accolades


  • William was Appointed as a foreign expert for the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS) for his work with Maca
  • Small Business Certification with the State of California Department of General Services
  • Certified as a resident representative for foreign enterprise in China


Why Kunming?

Located in Southwest China, Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, is a rapidly developing city with a large consumer market. With Yunnan’s abundant resources and international borders, Kunming is quickly becoming one of Southeast Asia’s most important international commercial and transport hubs.

Yunnan’s mild climate, varied agricultural resources, and focus on sustainable development make Kunming the ideal location for Irion Enterprises. As China continues to develop, Kunming is sure to be pivotal to the overall economic and environmental development of the country.  For more information on Kunming, please visit our Kunming Gallery.

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