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International Trade Facilitation

Irion Enterprises facilitates trade between China, Japan, and America. Our experienced team has a successful history working with a wide variety of industries in all three of these regions. Our individualized focus and broad experience ensure the best possible outcomes for your international trade endeavors.

Irion Enterprises offers an extensive set of services for businesses planning to develop international trade between East Asian countries and North America, including:

  • Pre- and/or post-trade seminars and consulting on doing business in China
  • Customized training specifically for the needs of your business
  • Guidance working with American trade assistance organizations and programs
  • Culturally-relevant review and/or translation of publications
  • Negotiation assistance (Having an additional experienced person present makes a difference.)
  • Market research reports and studies
  • In-Country assistance for trade delegations and individual companies
  • Chinese language and cross-cultural training
  • Computer equipment setup for international calling and multi-lingual support
  • Arranging U.S. Commercial Service briefings in Beijing or Shanghai, or California Technology, Trade and Commerce briefings
  • Additional industry-specific business meetings in other cities
  • Identifying export funding sources such as SBA

Agricultural Products

Irion Enterprises is currently working extensively in agricultural industries and with agricultural products. We can assist your business in finding appropriate products for international trade, or represent your agricultural business in China and America.

Irion Enterprises has sold agricultural products for Chinese companies, most of which have been grown or produced in China and sold in Japan and America. We have also brought Chinese companies to Osaka, Japan to train them in the Japanese cut flower market.

Irion Enterprises can also assist with the setup and operation of Japanese and American companies wanting to grow agricultural products or establish offices in China. As we locate and qualify high-quality products and suppliers in China, we are continually adding to the list of products we represent.

Trade Exhibitions

Irion Enterprises locates, markets, promotes, and assists companies with high quality trade shows. Trade shows with which we’ve previously assisted companies include:

  • World Ag Expo in California, USA
  • China AG Trade Fair Expo in Beijing, China
  • Hortifloro Expo in Shanghai, China
  • Kunming Commodities Fair in Kunming, China
  • Japan Home and Garden Show in Tokyo, Japan
  • Global Business Outlook Conference and Virtual Business Talks in Osaka, Japan
  • The Produce Show in Illinois, USA
  • Japan Expo in California, USA
  • International Flower Expo in Tokyo, Japan
  • Japan Food in Osaka, Japan

For more information on Trade Exhibitions in China, America, or Japan, please contact us.

Language Services

Irion Enterprises offers Chinese and Japanese language instruction and translation services for businesses. Gaining even a basic understanding of Chinese or Japanese can make all the difference in your international business dealings.

We also offer cross-cultural interpretation, as well as culturally-relevant review and translation of publications. Our staff has extensive translating and teaching experience, giving you a huge leg-up in a vastly multi-lingual business environment.

Additionally, Irion Enterprises provides consultation on studying abroad for Chinese students and American schools.

Other Services

Irion Enterprises also has experience in the sale of Aloe, Ayur Medic skin care products, American Cosmetics, plastic plant growing pots for industry use, and tatami mats, as well as vast experience in Facilities Management.

We currently have stock of some Ayur Medic skin care products and American cosmetics, and are actively selling Chinese-made tatami mats.  For more information, please contact us.

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